Trusting a Known God in the Midst of the Unknown

I think at some point all of us wish we could see our lives mapped out like the table of contents in the beginning of a book. If we knew there were better times ahead, we could solder on through the tough parts. But then we wouldn’t need faith.

I think knowing the whole story might be a bit overwhelming. Knowing every single obstacle, every single trial, every single tragedy, and every single moment of stress might be a bit much. Besides, the point isn’t to navigate through life as much as it is to get to know the heart of God, and what better way than seeing God reward your trust time and time again in the midst of the unknown?

It’s like the picture of the old-fashioned candle light and the staircase. We’re almost never shown the entire set of stairs. We get the step in front of us, and once we take that step, we get shown the next. That’s how faith works.

I love that it’s not about the size of my faith or how flawlessly I execute my beliefs, but it’s about the size of the God we believe in and how even the tiniest amount of faith can move mountains and work miracles.

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