Prepared Vs. Anchored

“When we are anxious we are inclined to overprepare. We wonder what to say when we are attacked, how to respond when we are being interrogated, and what defence to put up when we are accused. It is precisely this turmoil that makes us lose our self-confidence and creates in us a debilitating self-consciousness.

Jesus tells us not to prepare at all and to trust that he will give us the words and wisdom we need. What is important is not that we have a little speech ready but that we remain deeply anchored in the love of Jesus, secure about who we are in this world and why we are here. With our hearts connected to the heart of Jesus, we will always know what to say when the time to speak comes” (Henri Nouwen).

I confess that I am an overthinker and and overanalyzer. I’ve been known to play different conversation scenarios in my head and almost to have a script in my head in case I run into certain people during the day. Typically, this leads to anxiety.

But when I let it all go and trust that God will give me the words to say, I find peace. Being anchored in the peace that passes all understanding frees me from the need to overplan and overprepare. Instead of being a Martha that is constantly distracted and frazzled, I can be more like the depiction of Mary who was able to sit calmly at the feet of Jesus.

May we never get too busy doing for God that we miss being with God and getting to know the heart of God.

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