9/11 21 Years Later

I learned recently that the college graduating class of 2022 will be the last to have been born before 9/11. That both blew my mind and made me feel old. It’s been 21 years.

I still can’t get over how much of a seismic shock that day was. It was pretty much everyone’s worst nightmare come to waking life. It was what nobody ever imagined could happen in their lifetime — a major terrorist attack on domestic soil.

The images still haunt me — the towers crumbling, people leaping to their deaths out of the buildings rather than burn to death, and people walking out of the wreckage looking like ghosts from all the smoke and debris.

I also remember 9/12. There has never been a time since when we were as united as we were on that day. We were resolved to bring justice for all the lives lost and make the terrorists responsible pay. Churches were full of people who were seeking answers and who were maybe for the first time seeking God.

While that unity didn’t last, the hope that birthed it remains. Because of the cross of Christ, we who have chosen to follow Jesus have not just any hope but a certain hope and an undefeatable joy that no terrorist attack or catastrophe or death can ever take away. We have a firm foundation that nothing in all this world can shake because we know that in the end God wins and makes all things right and whole and healed and pure again. Even days like 9/11.

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