Reflecting the Light of Jesus

“May we… so reflect the light of Jesus on others.”

The best part of stained glass windows is when the light shines through. That’s when you really see every detail and every nuance.

It’s the same with God’s people, really. When we’re doing our own thing apart from God and in our own strength, we’re nothing to look at. We’re nothing special. There’s nothing that would make people take notice.

But when we place ourselves where God’s light can shine through us, that’s when people pay attention. That’s when they see something in us that they don’t have in themselves. That’s when they want what we have. That’s when they see God in a new way and see their great need of Him.

Also, the great thing about stained glass is that you take broken pieces of glass and make something beautiful. In the same way, God can take broken pieces and broken people and turn them collectively into something glorious that reflects the light and glory of Christ in a way nothing else can. That’s the Church at its best. That’s us at our best.

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