Trials and Blessings

I can’t love this enough because I can’t emphasize enough how true it’s been in my own life. I major in talking about my trials while I minor in speaking about how blessed I am. In fact, I take so many of my blessings for granted, it’s a wonder that I still receive any. But God remains faithful.

I think we miss the point of trials. God doesn’t allow them just so we can have something to complain about but so that we can build our character to receive better blessings. Most of all, trials make us look and act and sound more like Jesus. Sometimes, blessings are to prepare us for future trials so that we can look back and remember the faithfulness of God. It’s not an either/or but a both/and.

I guess I need to remember to write those trials in sand because they don’t last. I need to carve those blessings in stone because those are from the eternal God who never changes and remains constantly true to His people and to His promises forever.

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