Thank You, Boggs

A part of me refuses to believe that after 17 years, you will no longer be the Kairos Worship Pastor. Part of me expects to show up next week and find you leading us in worship like you’ve always done, but I know that God has called you further up and further in.

You’re taking the next step in God’s calling on your life. Your faithfulness in obedience is both heartwarming and heartbreaking because I know you’ll be where where God has been leading you all your life up to this point, but I also know that I will miss you.

You’ve been a good friend. You epitomized the saying about preaching the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words. Your whole life has been preaching the gospel and your words match your witness. You’ve never claimed to be perfect, but you’ve been honest about your failings and shortcomings.

I love how you haven’t been just a worship leader but a lead worshipper. You haven’t just told us to worship, but you’ve shown us how by ushering us into the very presence of God Almighty.

I am proud beyond belief to be able to call you friend, to call you brother, and to say that I love you very much because you’ve shown me the Jesus who loved me so very much. I hope that if God blesses me that I can be as good of a husband and father as I have seen you be to your wife and son.

Thank you, Boggs, for sharing part of your story with me and thank you God, for letting me play a small part in it. I am blessed indeed.

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