Seeing the Goodness of God

Some days are filled with blessings and it’s easy to see the goodness of God. Other days, not so much. Some days, you realize that you have feelings for someone else, only to find out that not only do they not have the same feelings for you but are actually dating someone else. That’s when you can cheer for them and be happy for their newfound joy, but it still hurts a little.

Some days, you listen to the wrong voices. Those voices tell you that you’re not enough — that you’ll never be enough — and that no one could ever love you as you are. Most of the time, you know that voice to be a lie, but on those occasions when you’re tired, you get confused about which voice to heed.

Even on those days, the promise remains: you will see the goodness of God, not in the sweet bye-and-bye pie in the sky hereafter, but in this life. You will see it with your own eyes. Even through the hurt, you will see it.

Then you can have confidence. Not in your own unwavering faith or in your steadfastness, but in the goodness of God even during your seasons of minuscule mustard seed-sized faith and faltering feet.

Those tough times don’t last, but the goodness of God remains forever. That’s what you can cling to every single day that you live.

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