The Unexpected

“[Life is] getting past the unexpected, and perhaps learning from it” (Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey: A New Era).

I finally got around to seeing the new Downton Abbey movie. It was well worth the wait and served as a worthy successor to the first movie and the series. But that line hit me like a wet pool noodle.

How much of life is different from what you and I expected? How much of it is dealing with interruptions and changes and general chaos that results from things not going as planned?

My joke is that I go to have a conversation with someone and they don’t follow the script I have in my head of how I thought the conversation would go. Anyone else? Just me? Cool.

But growth happens when you can not only get past the unexpected but actually learn from it. As the old quote goes, life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.

I’ve learned not to trust my expectations or my plans. I’ve learned to trust in God and His plans. I’m learning how to lean on the Lord with all my heart and to trust not in my own understanding (to use my paraphrase of the famous verse from Proverbs. I’m learning to keep believing and trusting when my heart is heavy and my faith is weak.

Life is a series of unexpected events, but God is still faithful and will get us through.

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