Impressive Vs. Present, Ability Vs. Availability

This Sunday, Truett Ross preached from Acts 11:19-30 about how the early Church was able to mobilize its members toward meeting the needs around them. In those days, the Church was growing by leaps and bounds as people saw the transformed lives of those who had been with Jesus. It says that what drew people to faith in Jesus was by how those Christians loved and served one another.

One example is when the prophet Agabus predicted a famine in the area. The disciples then sent relief, each one according to his ability. It wasn’t about their giftedness and ability but their availability. It wasn’t about their impressiveness but their presence day in and day out in their community that made the difference.

In the same way, the calling to reach our communities isn’t just for the missionaries and preachers. We’re all called. We’re not so much called to impress others with our knowledge and skills as much as to be present in their lives. God didn’t choose us for our abilities but uses those who are available and willing to go and tell.

Something I always remember is that Jesus didn’t call us to be attorneys to explain and defend all aspects of faith and belief. He called us to be witnesses. That is, he called us to tell what we have seen and heard with our own eyes, our own story of how Jesus found us and how He has changed us.

May we all pray for opportunities to have gospel conversations with people with whom we live, work, and play. It starts with being present and available.

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