More Maturity and Lessons Learned

After I wrote my last post, I’ve had some further time to think. And since obsessively overthinking seems to be one of my faults, I’ve done a lot of thinking.

I can’t control what other people do or don’t do. I can’t control what they say or don’t say. I can’t control how the treat me. But I can control how I respond. I have the choice to respond in kind to what I perceive their motives and actions to be, or I can choose to show grace and still be a friend.

I confess that I don’t always see things the way they are. Sometimes, I see a situation one way or I see a person acting one way when, in reality, there were circumstances and facts that I missed that could have completely changed my perspective.

My lesson here is to overthink less and pray more. It’s the old cliche to let go and let God, but in this case it’s to let go thinking I can fix something that may or may not be broken or figure out the situation when I don’t have all the facts. It’s to let God do what only God can do — work each and every thing together for good and His glory.

God help me to lay it all on the altar and trust You with it. Amen.

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