The Wait of Lent

According to the calendar and my math skills, there are 15 days left until Easter Sunday. These days, Easter for most people means bunny rabbits and candy. But for those whose hope is not in this world, Easter means something else entirely.

Easter is a celebration of a miraculous historical event of Jesus defeating death and coming out of that tomb on a Sunday morning. Easter points to a day when all those who have hoped in Christ and in the power of His resurrection will also be raised up and see creation restores and hope made sight.

But until then we wait. We wait as those disciples waited after the tragic events of Good Friday. We wait, unsure of what to make of current events and all the chaos in the world. We also wait in a way different than those disciples because we know how their story turned out. We can read the stories in the gospels in through the lens of the resurrection and see what Jesus meant when He spoke of dying and being raised again. Those disciples didn’t have that luxury yet. They were still grieving and trying to figure out Jesus’ last words to them.

Waiting with uncertainty is uncomfortable. Not knowing what to expect makes the seconds turn to minutes, the minutes turn to hours, and the hours to days. But waiting with hope is better. It’s like watching a basketball game where you already know the final score and can endure when your team goes into a stretch where they fall behind. Waiting with hope is waiting with certainty.

As we approach another Easter, may we learn how to wait in hope, to wait in certainty, and to wait with expectancy.

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