I Still Miss My Lucy

Those of you with pets know how amazing it is that something so small can take up such a large part of your heart. Even though she’s been gone for nearly five years, I still miss my little Lucy and her comforting presence.

I’ve never thought of Peanut as a replacement for Lucy. There’s no replacing a cat like Lucy, both in terms of her loyalty and devotion as well as her feistiness and sometime grumpiness. Peanut doesn’t have a single mean bone in her entire feline body. She’s the epitome of gentle and calm. Yet I still miss that ol’ Lucy sometimes. It doesn’t make sense.

Grief doesn’t have to make sense. Even grief for pets. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be sad for those furry companions that you’ve lost and still miss. It’s okay to cry for them. I know I cried over that silly Lucy more than once.

At some point, you can still be sad but also be grateful for the time you had. You can miss that special pet but smile at the memories. And the best way to celebrate the life of a good pet is to find another — not to take the place of the one you lost but to be a place for all the love to go.

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