Comfy Blankets

Confession: I’m not even sure what these kind of blankets are called, but I do know that back in the day I took the best naps with them. They’re warm but also breathable, so I don’t get overly stuffy. For me, the worst is getting all hot and sweaty when you’re trying to sleep.

But you know that these were crafted with loving care. They weren’t mass-produced at some factory. Someone actually took the time to crochet these blankets by hand, one at a time, over long periods of time.

I’m a little bit sad that with the new age of tech and instant gratification, a lot of the old way has gone away. A lot of what I knew as a kid no longer exists. But if you can find one of these old blankets, you just about have yourself a time machine that takes you back to a simpler time. Plus, you can take a really good nap.

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