Appreciate What You Have

I confess that I suck when it comes to appreciating what I have. I tend to yearn and envy over what others have that I wish I had. I grumble about all that I’d like to have that I think I need and still don’t have.

But gratitude, as I read recently, makes what you have enough. Joy makes your days full.

It can be a rude awakening when you see others who would give anything for those little things you take for granted– shelter, clothing, food, access to clean water, family, friends.

There are people who would do just about anything to have one of your bad days. Think about that. Your worst days are still better than what a lot of people would consider one of their good days.

Sometimes, what we take for granted gets taken, and only then do we fully appreciate what we had. So maybe start a daily habit of giving thanks for all the good things in your life, including those seemingly insignificant and minute things. Usually, those end up being the best things.

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