Every Day

Jesus taught His followers to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

He didn’t advocate that we pray for a year’s worth so we could stockpile and hoard it all in the event of unforeseen calamity or disaster.

He didn’t say for us to manage our bread wisely so that we can always be sure to have enough.

He said to ask God for what we need today.

Enough strength for the day’s tasks.

Enough weakness so that we can see God’s strength made perfect.

Enough joy to carry us through.

Enough sorrow to keep us humble and dependent on God’s goodness.

Enough comfort to allow us to share with others.

Enough need so that we can learn that to receive with thanks is just as godly as to give.

God promises to provide daily what we need for that day, not the next nor the one following. That way we learn daily trust and daily hope as we see day by day how God provides.

Give us enough for today. Help us to know that You are enough for today.

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