I’m asking the question again. I keep bringing it up because there’s nothing more soul-crushing than unforgiveness and bitterness (and conversely, nothing is more freeing than forgiveness and grace).

You need to forgive because

  1. God forgave you. What anyone else has done to do or will ever do to you pales in comparison of how much you have rebelled against God. Jesus told a parable likening it to a man who had his $1 million debt forgiven but wouldn’t forgive his fellow man over a $100 debt.
  2. One day you will need someone else’s forgiveness. We live in a beautiful but broken world and are ourselves broken and flawed people. You will screw up and hurt others, whether you mean to or not, and will need plenty of forgiveness before you leave this earth.
  3. Carrying around the fruits of unforgiveness is toxic to your soul. The bitterness and anger you direct at someone else only ends up eating away at your own soul.
  4. It is never easy but always worth it. Just about anything worthwhile and lasting is difficult. God never promised easy, but He promised that all things that seem impossible are possible through Him.

Once again, who do you need to forgive (even if it’s you)? From whom do you need to seek forgiveness?

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