Chris Brooks made an astute observation in his Kairos sermon tonight. He addressed the question of the rich young ruler: what must I do to inherit eternal life?

Normally, you don’t DO anything to inherit. It’s not based on merit or achievement. There’s no test you pass to gain an inheritance.

There are two conditions for an inheritance– you must be a relative and someone has to die.

In regards to inheriting eternal life, Jesus was saying that salvation isn’t earned. As Billy Graham once said, it’s not a reward for the righteous but a gift for the guilty.

If anyone had to DO anything for our eternal life, it was Jesus. Through his perfect life and death on the cross, He made us who have believed in His name to be heirs and children of God.

“The payoff for a life of sin is death, but God is offering us a free gift—eternal life through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, the Liberating King” (Romans 6:23, The Voice).

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