Identity vs. Idolatry

“The answer to idolatry is identity — who you are in Christ” (Chris Brooks, Kairos).

I don’t usually take notes during sermons these days. I think my brain has gotten a little too ADHD for the discipline of actually writing down in real time what the pastor says. The sad result is that I can’t remember too many sermons lately or even give a brief synopsis of most of them.

But sometimes, I hear something that arrests my attention. It’s almost like I HAVE to write it down. I need to take physical pen in hand and inscribe it in a tangible way so that I’ll remember it later.

That happened last night.

Idolatry happens when we look to something other than God to tell us who we are, why we’re here, what our purpose is, etc. We look to relationships, careers, possessions, bank accounts — anything and everything — to find out who we are.

But as Pastor Mike Glenn once said, none of these are strong enough to hold our world together. None of these can truly define us or give us purpose. Eventually, everything we set up as an idol and expect to take the place of God will fall short and fail to live up to impossible expectations.

Even good things like marriage, children, and ministry can become idols if they become the end objective and not the means to glorifying God and His gifts.

I am a recovering idolater. I still slip up all the time and chase after little tin gods instead of God Almighty. I know I’m not alone.

Let Jesus tell you who you are and idols will lose their power over you. Let Jesus look at you and love you, and as you receive that love, you will find that it– and Jesus– are enough.

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