At the End of the Day

“Lord, thank God come the end of the day,
there’s no condemnation for those in Christ,
for those in over their heads, in a mess, in a bad way.
Thank God there’s no condemnation for those who blew it, who bombed it, who lost it — because they’ve found You,
who gently takes the disillusioned & disappointed & disoriented
and say, “I don’t condemn your brokenness, I carry your burdens.
I don’t condemn you. I came to take it all, shoulder it all, cover it all.
I don’t care about your past, about what you did or didn’t get perfect — I care about your pain. I care about you — I don’t condemn you. I *care about you.*”
Your care gently takes our cares — and we feel the weight of everything lift, us lifted up to a Love come down to carry us into the rest of God. #HonestPrayers (Ann Voskamp).

Ok. Who else is thankful that tomorrow is Friday? Who else is glad for a long weekend?

It doesn’t have to mean that you had a no good, very bad terrible week. It could just mean that you did a lot and you’re tired. You gave all you had to give for five days and now you’re running on fumes.

I’m thankful that at the moment of my weakness God is strong. I’m grateful that I can even boast in that weakness, for at that very moment Christ’s strength is made perfect. The moment I give out is the same moment that Jesus gives me the power to endure and to overcome.

My fantasy these days is simply turning off the alarm clock function on my phone on Friday night and looking to sleep in on Saturday. And while I love my sleep, the kind of rest that really rejuvenates and restores me isn’t the kind I get with my eyes closed in sleep but the kind I get when I close my eyes in prayer, when I am still before God in the quiet moments of my day, when I know that I am His and He is mine and I am deeply loved.

At the end of the day, at the end of the week, I know I will be alright because God is for me, and if God is for me, who or what can ever be against me.

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