Living in the Answered Prayers of Our Past

I read these words earlier today, and my reaction was a mix of amen and ouch. It’s amazing how forgetful I am when it comes to God’s mercies in the past. I have a very selective memory when it comes to how I see my life and how God sees it.

I keep praying for change, forgetting that I am living in the answered prayers that I prayed just as earnestly for but failed to recognize when God actually answered them. I point the finger at God, wondering why He doesn’t act while I have amnesia about all the previous blessings He’s given me.

I’m thankful that God is better at being faithful than I am at remembering His faithfulness. God never tires of teaching His children the same lessons over and over as we keep coming back time and time again.

I keep saying that the antidote to entitlement and comparison is gratitude. The cure for amnesia is to make a habit of a daily thanksgiving that opens my eyes to see God and His blessings in my everyday.

One day, we’ll see it all. We’ll see every single blessing, including the ones we ignored or forgot or discounted. We’ll know how God led us all the way through this life that we thought we had done on our own. And eternity won’t be long enough to thank Him for it.

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