Three Day Weekend? Yes, Please

Am I ready for a three day weekend? Heck yeah.

I’m excited for the extra day for different reasons than when I was younger,

Back when, I’d be all pumped for an extra day to get out there and do all the things and see all the things. Now, it means an extra day to sleep in and one less day with waking up to a heart attack thanks to the alarm going off at 5 am.

I wish I were better at living according to Sabbath rhythms. God established a Sabbath, not so we’d have a day with a different set of have-to’s to keep up with but so that we’d actually rest. But instead we turned it into another checklist that we can mark off to show that we’re spiritually superior.

But that dog in the picture has the right idea. Doing nothing may seem unproductive and lazy, but sometimes it’s good to be still and make room to hear from God. Or just take a nap.

I guess it’s the same as restarting your computer or your phone periodically. It resets everything to make it work better. Or at least that’s my go-to when things stop working or start freezing up.

So this weekend is my reboot weekend. Time to turn it off and turn it back on again, I guess.

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