Sometimes You Can Go Back

I had a very pleasant evening tonight. I had been invited to the home of a couple of friends who had recently moved bagck into the area after moving out of state several years ago. I had been a bit nervous about it possibly being awkward, but it was just like stepping into a pair of comfortable old shoes. In a way, it was like I had just seen them yesterday.

I got to meet their kids and see their new dwellings. It was such a good night. One bit of random weirdness was that their new kitchen looked almost identical to the one they had when they last lived in the area. That was almost spooky.

I get that we live in a world where the only constant is change. Nothing ever seems to stay the same for very long. Just when you get used to a place or a routine or a person, it changes. You have to learn yet another new normal. Yet every now and think, God shows me that behind the curtain of constant change, there are echos of the sameness of a God who never changes. There are those God-wink moments where you almost really do get to go back to the way it was.

These moments remind me that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He isn’t constantly shifting with every passing whim or fad or trend. There will always be new heresies and misrepresentations of God, but the truth about who He is remains unaltered. That is the Promise by which we can cling to every one of His promises He has ever made to any of His people at any time.

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