A Reminder of Hope

I nearly forgot that as of yesterday, we are officially in the season of Advent. It’s the season leading up to the arrival of the infant Messiah, the hope of the world. I think that this year, as much as any other, we need a reminder of hope.

There’s so much negativity in the news, so many things to make us anxious and afraid. It’s hard to find the good any more, especially if you look to social media and the 24/7 news channels.

But Advent is a reminder that the long-awaited hope has never left. That infant in the manger, who may or may not have been surrounded by smelly animals, grew up to be the Christ who lived the perfect life we could never hope to lead and died in our place.

This Jesus still lives and intercedes for us. This Jesus still whispers to us through the Holy Spirit that hope is not lost, though it may at times seem hard to find. This Jesus stands at the door and knocks for anyone who will receive Him and welcome Him into their hearts and homes.

This Jesus still brings hope to the hopeless, courage to the fearful, welcome to the forsaken, dignity to the outcast, and love for the unloveable. He is still the reason for this season, the Immanuel of hope.

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