Conflicting Desires

I can’t tell you how much I feel those words right now. Part of me wants to go all Thoreau and move into the woods and live in simplicity. Part of me wants those 17 pillows strategically placed around a comfy bed with the ceiling fan blowing nonstop.

I have so many other conflicting desires. Mostly they are my desire to live holy and to please God in conflict with my desire to be constantly convenienced and comfortable and to please myself. Even I realize that I can’t have it both ways. I have to choose one or the other.

I think the Bible speaks to conflicting desires. The solution is clear but not easy. The answer is that I have to die to my own desires and to my own self. I may think I know what’s good for me, but then again, if I had my way, I’d eat my weight in chocolate and peanut butter. That probably wouldn’t work out so well.

But I’m learning God’s way is always best. It’s typically not the easiest route, nor is it the most convenient. But Jesus talked about the way to heaven being a narrow road that few find, while the road to the other place being wide with lots of people on it. That doesn’t strike me as being easy.

Jesus’ way isn’t easy. In fact, it’s impossible apart from the grace of God and the power of the indwelling Spirit. Even then, there’s always going to be a battle between what my own fleshly nature wants and what I know God wants for me.

Help me, God, to always choose Your way and trust Your heart instead of what I see and think and feel. Your ways are always better and Your heart for me is always good. Amen.

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