Stay Where You Are

“When God speaks he speaks so loudly that all the voices of the world seem dumb. And yet when God speaks he speaks so softly that no one hears the whisper but yourself. Today, perhaps, the Lord is turning and looking at you. Right where you are, your spirit is far away just now, dealing with some sin, some unbearable weight; and God is teaching you the lesson himself – the bitterest, yet the sweetest lesson of your life, in heartfelt repentance. Stay right where you are. Don’t return into the hustle and bustle of life until the Lord has also turned and looked on you again, as he looked at the thief upon the cross, and until you have beheld the ‘glory of the love of God in the face of Jesus'” (Henry Drummond).

How easy it is to rush back into hectic life instead of patiently waiting for God to speak. I sometimes wonder why I don’t hear from God as often as I would like, then I realize that I hardly give him a moment to speak a word into my world.

Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t because we’re afraid of what God will say to us. Maybe we think He’ll be angry — or worse, disappointed. Maybe we think we’ve blown it once too often and this is the time God will cut ties with us.

I know it’s a flawed analogy, but it’s like a well-meaning child with a parent. The parent may admonish the child or scold the child, but there’s no way a good father or mother will give up on a son or a daughter. Their love is too strong to cease because of hurt or anger.

God’s love for us is so much more and so much greater. God has promised that His love for His own will never cease at any point. We didn’t do anything to earn His love and we can’t do anything to lose it.

So what does God want to say to you and me? Only what will make us more like Jesus. What will help us to grow and mature. What will lead us into the abundant life He has promised for us.

So the question is this: will you and I make time to listen?

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