Look for the Good

Not every day will be a good day. Some days everything just seems to go wrong. Some days you’re the one who seems to go wrong. There will be days where you’re just glad to say that they’re over.

But there is always something good in every day. It may not be much, like a stranger smiling at you or the way that first sip of coffee warms your soul, but the good is there. Some days you have to look harder for it than others.

But if you seek the good in every day, you will find it.

And the best way to put yourself in a position to see the good is to be the good. The best way to see the good is to live gratefully and with thanksgiving. You can give thanks for the fact that you’re alive and breathing, for that cup of coffee, for the sunrise on your way into work.

If there is nothing for which you can give thanks, then you haven’t paid attention to your life. You’ve only seen the bad and neglected to look for the good. Because there is always good. Always.

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