Not Forgotten

Have you ever been in a social situation, whether at work or in a casual setting, where everyone else is chatting and having a good time, and they all seem to gave forgotten about you? Do you ever feel invisible?

Take heart. God has not forgotten you. Remember that He not only knows who you are but knows you by name. He has not taken His eye off you for one moment. You have never left His mind or His heart.

Ultimately, how other people at work or at a party or in any setting view you doesn’t matter as long as you know that God delights in you. When others can’t or won’t see you, God sees you.

Remember, the most powerful words that anyone can hear are “I see you.” You can treat others the way you wish you could be treated by others, the way God has treated you. You can choose to see and validate and bless others the way God has seen and validated and blessed you.

Above all, you are not alone. God sees you. God knows you. God loves you.

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