Different Kinds of Friends

You will have several different kinds of friends over your lifetime. God uses each kind to play a part in your life.

You have specialty friends, like work friends or church friends that you only see at specific places (like work or church).

You have seasonal friends that come into your life for a short season to help you grow, to help you through a trial, or to teach you a lesson.

You will have social media friends who you only interact with over Facebook or Instagram. Most of these you will never actually meet in person.

You have secondary friends where you step in when the regular friends aren’t around.

Each friendship is valid and each one can be a blessing if you can appreciate it for what it is instead of wishing it were something else or something more.

But best of all are the special friends. Those are the ones who will go out of their way to make time for you, who will always seek you out and make you feel welcome no matter where you are. Those are for a lifetime.

You can appreciate your specialty, seasonal, and secondary friends, but you cherish and honor your special friends, because they are precious and rare.

Above all, you can even be a friend without receiving friendship in return. You can love and give, expecting nothing in return but the knowledge that God loved you like that when you were least deserving and lovable.

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