I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Rich Mullins has been gone for 25 years. I just can’t. So many times Rich was able to read my thoughts and put them to words and music better than I ever could. In fact, I’d say his songs resonated deeply with so many because he was singing about their hopes and fears.

Prayer (or anything else in the life of faith) isn’t about trying to impress God. It’s not about trying to get His attention or earn His favor. In Jesus, you have those already. You are already accepted and seen and favored.

It’s knowing that God loves you — is in love with you — and loves you more than anybody ever could or ever would. It’s living out of the abundance of that knowledge. It’s living out of the overflow of that love that you didn’t earn and couldn’t hope to deserve. It’s about letting other people know that God loves them the same way and all they have to do is receive that love in Jesus Christ.

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