What God Loves

“The Shepherd laughed too. “I love doing preposterous things,” he replied. “Why, I don’t know anything more exhilarating and delightful than turning weakness into strength, and fear into faith, and that which has been marred into perfection . . . . That is my special work,” he added with the light of a great joy in his face. “Transforming things” (Hannah Hurnard, Hinds Feet on High Places).

I’m not much on focusing on what God hates as much as what He loves. Here are a few things I’ve noticed that God absolutely delights in:

God delights in turning the impossible into possible. When the world says that something can’t be done or that someone is past all hope, that is when God steps in and shows off.

God delights in making dead things come alive. You and I were dead in our trespasses and sins, according to Scripture, but God didn’t leave us that way. He made us as fully alive as we were fully dead.

God delights in subverting our plans. We think we know what we want and where we want to go and who be, but God has a bigger plan and a bigger dream for us than we could ever hope for or imagine.

God delights in those the world ignores. He lifts up the lowly and places widows and orphans into families. He uses the nobodies to shame those who think they are all that and bag of chips. He built His church using outcasts and outsiders and ragamuffins.

God delights in you. God delights in me. God rejoices over each of us with loud singing and dancing every night and whispers words of love over us as we sleep. If you are His, then He is with you and for you every single step of the way from here to heaven.

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