Lava Lamp Therapy

So I was laying in bed listening to jazz on vinyl when I had a thought: “What could enhance this experience and make it even more relaxing and enjoyable?” Then I remembered my trusty old lava lamp that I hardly ever use anymore.

It takes a while to get going. I mean I suppose it has to warm up for a while before it produces those floaty bubble things (or whatever they’re called). But for me, the wait is always worth it. Listening to relaxing music and staring at a lava lamp may be one of my favorite new hobbies. I am so easily pleased.

I believe lava lamps were a thing back in the 70s, but I don’t really remember ever seeing any when I was little. I recall my grandmother had a light beside her bed that looked like a cluster of grapes, but I have no memories of lava lamps.

Fast forward to 2006 or 2007 when I was in the mall and passed by Spencer’s Gifts. Lo and behold, they had a lava lamp on clearance for $10. So obviously, I had to buy it (even though I still think Spencer’s is weird and a bit gross). And fast forward to a few nights ago where I enjoyed the fruits of my well-spent $10. Job well done, I say.

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