Memorial Day

It seems weird to me to say “Happy Memorial Day,” because today is when we remember all those who gave their lives defending our freedom, yet we have turned it into a sort of National Grill Out Day.

This is not against grilling out on Memorial Day. I am all for a burger off of a charcoal grill. Those really are the best. But Memorial Day is more than that. It’s more than a day to throw a party.

Hopefully at some point during the day, we can take a moment of silence to honor the fallen. We can give thanks for the freedoms that we enjoy that were not free but paid with by the very lifeblood of these men and women. We can pay that sacrifice forward by being good stewards and citizens, by treating each other with dignity and respect. We can above all remember the fact that God in Jesus paid the very highest price for our ultimate freedom in the blood of His only Son Jesus.

I think it’s possible to be reflect and celebrate at the same time. We can do all the grilling and gathering while remembering and honoring our heroes. Above all, the best way to engage Memorial Day is to live in gratitude and thanksgiving.

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