8 Years Ago

I apparently have no sense of time anymore. Since 2020, I have to look at a calendar to determine what day of the week it is and I have no concept of whether something happened a week or a month or a year ago. So imagine my surprise when this picture popped up in my memories from 8 years ago.

Back then, the Church at Avenue South had just agreed to lease our current property and held our first ever service — fittingly enough an Easter service — in what would later become the children’s ministry area called The Grove. At this point, we hadn’t even begun to build out. The church wouldn’t officially launch until that September. But we had made a start.

And now 8 years later we close on a new property, one that will be our own with no more lease payments. We will continue to be a Gospel presence in the Berry Hill neighborhood at less than a mile from where we started.

The street we’re on doesn’t look the same as it did almost a decade ago. So much has been torn down and built up that hardly anything remains the same. But the God we serve and worship hasn’t changed. His message of hope that we preach and teach and share hasn’t changed.

That’s the testimony we carry with us into a new chapter of existence. That’s the hope that can save and transform anyone anywhere at anytime. It’s the hope for the world.

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