My Jam

You know you’re old when you use phrases that are at least 30 years out of date. Phrases like . . . I don’t know . . . maybe, my jam? When was the last time you heard anyone listening to a good song and say, “That’s my jam”?

Now that we’ve established that I’m elderly and unhip, I’d like to tell you about an internet radio station I’ve grown to love over the last few months. It’s Classic Christian Rock Radio, playing everything all the way from the late 60s to the 90s.

I can’t tell you how many times I will hear a song that’s like a blast from my past. I may not have heard the song in years — decades even — but I immediately go back to when I first heard it and what I was thinking and feeling. Music more than any other medium has the power to do that.

Not all the music will be for everybody all the time. They play a fair amount of holy hair metal from the 80s that may or may not have aged well. But there are a lots of great songs that trigger lots of great memories for me.

Also, they’re having their annual fundraiser, so if you feel so inclined (and you like what you hear), you can donate to keep the music going. Shameless plug.

But if you grew up on Christian music like I did, check out for a little nostalgia back to when the music didn’t suck. But that’s just my opinion. Check it out.

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