March Madness 2022

Well, it’s back. This is the time of year when we get college basketball out the wazoo and no one in their right mind complains about it. This is when many will fill out their brackets and attempt — usually in vain — to pick the winners of all the NCAA basketball tournament games. All 67 matchups.

We all have hopes of the perfect bracket. Hopes which usually last until halfway through the first round. By the end of the second round, most have given up hope of even a halfway decent bracket. But still we try.

There’s always something magical about seeing a low-seeded underdog of a team making a deep run in the tournament. I always love seeing a good upset. It reminds me that even the little guys can win from time to time.

Around this time, you’ll start hearing the David vs. Goliath analogies. There will be at least one team that statistically has no chance of beating its much bigger and higher ranked opponent. But still they play the game. Because who knows? On any given day, the underdog might get the hot hand and pull off the unexpected.

I love March Madness because it reminds me that if you get up each morning and keep showing up and not giving up, then amazing things can happen. If you keep trying when everything in you and around you tells you to quit, then you just might be the one to pull off the unexpected and surprise some people. All it takes is one more try.

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