Springing Forward

Ok, remind me again why we still bother with daylight savings? Is there really a reason or is it just because we’ve done it for so long that it’s almost like an 11th commandment, like “thou shalt move thy clocks forward exactly one hour in the spring. Not two hours shalt thou move the hands of the clock, but one. Three is certainly too much, but one is just right, so thou best gettest to it while the getting is good.”

It just feels like I’m losing an hour of sleep, which I am. It also feels like I already need a nap tomorrow, because I will. And in 8 months or so, we’ll just set the clocks back an hour like it was all a mistake in the first place. Why can’t we just say we did and leave it at that?

I believe there are places that have never bothered with all this daylight savings nonsense. I stand with you, Arizona and Hawaii. Leave those clocks alone. Let’s all just go get tacos instead.

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