Lent 2022

As of this past Wednesday, it’s Lent again. For those of us who observe this time, it’s about fasting and giving up things in order to create space and room in your life for God to speak into. I confess that I’m a bit new to this practice, so I’m probably not as knowledgeable about it as some.

I always give up social media for Lent. It takes awhile for me to quit opening my Facebook app out of rote habit, but before long, I feel freer than I did when I was checking my statuses every five minutes. Then again, I feel like I’m out of the loop on so many things happening locally and around the world.

Perhaps the best part of no social media is that immediately my FOMO syndrome goes away. That stands for Fear of Missing Out, which always seems to happen when I look at a Facebook or Instagram post and get a little bit envious of what someone else has that I don’t or of someone going places and doing things that I’ve always longed to go to and do.

But during Lent, I feel a bit calmer, a bit more rested, a bit more focused on the present. As usual, I’m hoping to not merely fill the void of social media with more time-wasting amusement, but leave room for the voice of God and leave silence in my day for me to hear it.

Once more, I say with all of God’s people, “Speak, Lord, for Your servants are listening.”

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