The Holy Grail of Vinyl

If anyone is old enough to remember the 80s, they probably recall one of my favorites from 1989, Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. Basically, the movie revolves around a quest to find the ancient cup known as — surprise — the holy grail, the cup out of which Christ drank during the night of the last supper. And technically, it’s not a spoiler if it’s in the title of the movie.

But since, you hear about the holy grail of baseball cards or comic books or whatever. It’s that super hard to find item that when you do find it will cost you one arm and one leg, plus shipping and handling.

For me, finding that first Allman Brothers album on vinyl was a bit of a holy grail quest. I ended up entering into a bidding war on Ebay and ended up possibly getting a bit carried away in the process, but when I put the needle down on the vinyl, it was worth it. Plus, after reading the very candid autobiography of Gregg Allman, I needed to hear the song Whipping Post like they would have heard it back in 1969.

My next grail quest is to find the almost mythical Buckingham Nicks album from way back in 1973. Apparently, it’s a bit of an undiscovered gem for most people, but it drew the ear of one Mick Fleetwood, who then invited the duo into Fleetwood Mac (and the rest, as they say, is history).

Some music is good for streaming and digital, but certain albums need to be played on a turntable. I think I just turned into big music nerd.

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