Thanksgiving Eve 2021

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be. I feel like Thanksgiving is kind of the Pluto of holidays. Remember how Pluto used to be a planet? Then some bigwigs decided that it wasn’t really a planet, but a dwarf planet. Like it didn’t count as much because it was smaller? I believe in you, Pluto. I still think you’re a real planet.

I think Thanksgiving has also been demoted a bit. Now it’s a day to eat a lot and watch football. It’s not even considered a real holiday anymore. It’s more of a gateway holiday to Christmas when people start getting all their decorations down from the attic and preparing to deck the halls and adorn the Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving as I see it is a celebration of the original Pilgrims who came over in 1622 with little more than hope and faith in God. They took a day as a way of saying thanks back to God for having delivered them to a new land full of promise. Whether or not you believe that story or not, it’s good to take a day to reflect and give thanks. It’s good to take 24 hours to be intentional in your gratitude.

Obviously, thanksgiving should be a mindset that we keep all year round. Gratitude should be not an occasional act but a constant mentality that comes from focusing on all that God has blessed us with rather than seeing only what we don’t have that we wish we did. Thankfulness keeps us from becoming entitled and keeps up humble.

Tomorrow, I do hope you get a lot of good food. I hope the football games are competitive this year. But I hope more than anything else that you will take time to be thankful and to express your gratitude to those you love with words and acts of kindness. Above all, I hope you include room in your day to show gratitude to God for another year of providential care and grace.

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