Joy in the Journey

Tonight, Mike Harder spoke about what it looks like to live out our yes to God. He went to Abraham in Genesis 12 as the example of someone who left his home, family, and city without knowing the place to which God was calling him. Abraham said yes in faith to the first step of God’s plan without asking to see the rest of the journey.

God asks us to trust him in that first step of obedience. Often, we want to see the big picture before we commit to God’s plan, but God isn’t as much seeking our approval as He is our obedience.

I’m reminded of an episode of The Chosen where we see a man named Nathaniel sitting under a tree crying and yelling at God. He says, “Can you even see me? Do you even know I’m here?”

He doesn’t get a response in the moment, so the scene dissolves with him looking dejected and depressed, thinking God hasn’t heard him at all. Later, he gets invited by a friend to come and see a man who could be the Messiah. At first, Nathaniel is hesitant, but eventually he goes.

When Nathaniel meets the Messiah, Jesus says to him, “When you were sitting under that tree, I saw you.”

He was answering Nathaniel’s prayer. But Nathaniel would never have been in a position to hear the answer had he not made that first move to come and see. Nathaniel wouldn’t have known Jesus as the Messiah unless he was willing to literally and figuratively take that first step.

God doesn’t promise to tell us where we’re going, but He promises to be with us along the way. Abraham’s greatest joy was in the following as much as in the final destination. So it is with us. The goal is just as much about knowing and trusting God more and more as it is about reaching the place where God is calling you.

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