Thanksgiving Day 2021

I didn’t exactly eat my weight in food this time, but I managed to put away a good bit of turkey and dressing, as well as the other usual Thanksgiving meal staples. I even left room for some strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream. It was a good day.

The best part was that I got to experience all this culinary goodness with my family. Good company always makes food taste better, especially when it’s people that you love who love you back. A meal shared is much better than a meal eaten alone.

I remain supremely grateful for my life. I choose to look at the blessings I have rather than all that the world says I need to have before I can be truly happy. Do I have everything I want? No. Do I have everything I need? Yes. I choose to do the most counter-cultural thing in this current culture and say that I am completely content. I won’t need a bunch of Black Friday deals give me any more peace than I already have.

But you know what’s better than a good Thanksgiving meal? Thanksgiving leftovers the next day.

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