Precious Promises

When was the last time you read from the book of Nahum? When was the last time you heard a sermon or some other kind of teaching from Nahum? If we’re honest, I’m not sure many of us could find it without cheating and looking in the table of contents in the front of the Bible.

But isn’t it interesting how many of God’s most endearing and enduring promises come out of those obscure little books of the Bible? Well, technically, they’re not obscure but we tend to focus on the New Testament and the Psalms more than the minor prophets. We do so at our own peril because we miss out on so much that God can teach us.

Some of it isn’t so easy to read. A lot of it is God pleading with His people to return to Him. Much of it is God forewarning those same people what will happen if they remain in their stubborn sinful ways. But nestled throughout are God’s precious promises for those who choose to follow Him and let Him lead.

It’s amazing how those promises seem to always come at the times when we need them most. God has a way of tailoring them to our need of the moment. I’ve known God to use a social media post or a sermon or a verse quoted in a book to speak to me where I was and help me through difficult times.

That’s what it means for God’s Word to be living and active. It never stops speaking to us in our need. God’s promises are always faithful and always true.

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