My Radnor Ritual

I’m getting in as much of Radnor Lake State Park as I can these days. Who knows how much longer I’ll be able to hike after work before it starts getting dark too early to walk? Plus, I always like to take advantage of days when the temps are milder and it feels closer to fall.

I did my usual amount of hiking and sightseeing and sweating. I found that one of the landmark trees that I always look for had fallen over at some point and was lying on the ground. That made me a bit sad, but overall, it was a refreshing retreat from the concrete jungle into nature.

Sure, there are other parks in the Nashville area, but none of them feel as though you are escaping into another world as much as Radnor does. It almost feels at times like I’m slipping into Middle Earth or into the woods of Narnia. Also, there’s plenty of wildlife to keep me company as I hike and sweat.

There’s nothing better than exercise, vitamin D, and nature.

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