Still Holding on to Hope

Yeah, I get it. It’s frustrating and tiring and seemingly never-ending. Just a few months ago, it felt like we were almost out of the pandemic. It felt like words like mask mandate, social distancing, and quarantine were about to become past tense. Then that variation hit. Then another variation hit.

It’s hard to keep hope alive when the current pandemonium feels like it will never end. Part of me believes that we will always be in some kind of a holding pattern, collectively holding our breath, waiting for the next variant or the next outbreak or the next scaleback.

But it’s easy to forget that those who call on the name of Jesus serve a Savior who overcame the grave. We follow a God who specialized in making impossibilities into possibilities. God is still able to do more than we can ask or think, but sometimes, it takes us doing the asking and thinking. God typically doesn’t answer the prayers we don’t pray when our prayers are safe and generic rather than bold and daring.

I pray every night for an end to the pandemic. I pray for God to make an end of the coronavirus. if God can take a valley of dry bones and raise it into a living, breathing army, surely He can rid the world of a virus. It’s a bold ask, but I’d rather pray boldly and risk God saying no than to not pray and always wonder what would have happened. And I apologize in advance for any inadvertently squirrely theology.

You can never go wrong praying God’s promises and God’s words back to God. You can never go wrong praying prayers found in Scripture. That’s definitely not squirrely theology. That’s biblical.

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