Yes I Do

I think sometimes the idea of Christian maturity is presented as the idea that as I grow in my faith, I become more and more independent of God and need Him less and less. It becomes more and more about proper moral behavior.

The truth is that the more I walk with the Lord, the more I see of my own sinfulness. The more I see of my own inadequacy and shortcomings. The more, not less, I see that I need God — not just on Sundays for one hour a week, but for all 168 hours of the week, for every week.

Christians aren’t perfect people. They aren’t folks who have completely figured out this life stuff and know more than everybody else. They’re the ones who know they’re as messed up as anyone else and know what they deserve, but also they’re the ones who have seen firsthand the transforming power of that undeserved favor called grace and the unmerited gift of mercy.

We should be the quickest to forgive anything done to us because we’ve been fully and completely forgiven of a much larger debt. Our lives should reflect a 24/7 radical display of the glory and goodness of God in such a way that the people around us are compelled to know Him as we do.

But we very often don’t. We find that even to love God, we need God’s own love in us. To serve God, we need God in us giving us the ability and desire. We need the power of the risen Christ to be Christians.

So this is our perennial Declaration of Dependence. We need God. I need God.

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