What If?

What if we really took what Jesus said seriously? What if we actually committed our selves to obeying what He told us to do? What if we stopped using the Bible as a collection of proof texts to support our own political and social and spiritual ideas and actually read it and did what it said?

What if we stripped back worship services from smoke-and-lights concert experience back to gathering together in order to love God, each other, and our neighbors? I think David Platt is the one who said that if we took away all the comfortable chairs, the glitzy production, the lighting, the air conditioning, and the state of the art buildings, would the proclamation of the word of God and the glorifying of Jesus be enough?

I don’t believe that Jesus called us to be relevant and trendy as much as He called us to be faithful and obedient. We don’t change what we believe to fit in with an ever-evolving society. We don’t compromise away core convictions and values for the sake of conforming to culture, thus throwing away the very hope we have to offer a world in desperate need of saving grace. In Paul’s words, we preach Jesus crucified, buried, and raised again. We preach that all have sinned but that God so loved the world that He gave Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. And if we don’t, maybe we need to start calling ourselves by other names than Christians and the Church.

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