The Power of Intercession

“A Christian community either lives by the intercessory prayers of its members for one another, or the community will be destroyed. I can no longer condemn or hate other Christians for whom I pray, no matter how much trouble they cause me. In intercessory prayer the face that may have been strange and intolerable to me is transformed into the face of one for whom Christ died, the face of a pardoned sinner. That is a blessed discovery for the Christian who is beginning to offer intercessory prayer for others. As far as we are concerned, there is no dislike, no personal tension, no disunity or strife that cannot be overcome by intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is the purifying bath into which the individual and the community must enter every day” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

I would suggest the next time someone does something to annoy or anger you, instead of posting about it on social media, try prayer instead. Instead of passive aggression, try intercessory prayer.

I really think that most of us (including me) greatly undervalue prayer as a whole. As a result, we spend little to no time actually praying for those things that occupy our thoughts and concerns. We very rarely turn our anxieties into asking or our problems into petitions. We pray polite little prayers and seldom engage in prayer as an intentional act of the will, mind, heart, and soul. Think of Jacob wrestling with God and you have the idea of intercessory prayer.

Pray for your neighbor. Pray for your co-worker. Pray for your boss. Pray for your parent. Pray for your friends. Pray for your enemies. Pray for the leadership on a local, state, and national level (including the President). It doesn’t matter whether you voted for them or agree with their policies. You can still pray for them.

Intercessory prayer is to take your burden or concern into the throne room of God and leave it there. It’s to keep bringing it before God, day after day, with expectation that God will act. He may not act according to your will or desire, but He will always act in accordance to His will and His desire. He may not act according to your time table, but He will act in perfect timing.

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