Mandate Mercy

I’m a little done with the pro-vaxx,anti-vaxx, pro-mask, anti-mask debate going on. Not that I don’t think it matters, but at this point, both sides are preaching to the choir. I’m pretty sure just about everybody has made up their mind about where they stand. And no, yelling and name-calling on Facebook isn’t going to change anybody’s mind about anything.

I think what we could use is a mercy mandate. Make showing mercy a requirement, especially if you belong to the family of God. Make kindness a thing.

I hear you already telling me that those people don’t deserve any mercy. Those people being those who think differently than you and who are on the other side of the argument on whatever issue is at hand.

But I say that by its very definition, mercy is undeserved. You don’t earn or merit mercy. None of us did anything to earn or deserve God’s mercy or grace. The best definition of grace is getting what you don’t deserve and mercy is not getting what you do deserve. Or something like that.

Most of all, those who need mercy most often are the ones who deserve it the least. If you and I are honest, we can look back at times when we were the ones needing mercy. Sometimes we received it; other times, we did not. Remember how good it felt to be shown mercy. Remember how freeing it was to step out from under your own condemnation or the condemnation of someone else.

So let’s be a little more merciful in our dealings with each other and try for more understanding.

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