So I had a thing happen to me today. I was driving home from work today when the temperature gauge on my car shot way up and suddenly all this steam and water come shooting out from under my hood. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to pull into a gas station so I could call a tow truck. I felt very adulty.

The tow truck took almost four hours to arrive. Thankfully, I had an audio book that I could listen to in the car while I waited. It just so happened to be The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, my favorite of all the Narnia books. That definitely helped to pass the time.

As far as I can tell in my limited auto-mechanical knowledge, I probably have a busted hose. It could have been so much worse. It could have been so much more expensive. At least I’m hoping and praying it’s not super expensive. I’m a bit attached to the old Jeep.

My car is old, but I have a car. It’s mostly reliable. I can afford to put gas in it and go places, like to my job. And I have a job so I can pay for things like gas for my car and other stuff. So many people around the world are praying for what I take for granted on a daily basis. So many people would love to have one of my bad days, because my bad days would be an improvement over their best days.

So my day didn’t exactly go as planned. But that’s okay. I’m still blessed.

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