Not Forgotten

That blows my mind. The fact that God loves me as if I were the only one in the whole universe and would have died for me if I had been the only one ever created. I can’t wrap my head around such love.

But it’s true. Because God is infinite, He can love each one of us with infinite love. Not a warm and fuzzy kind of love, nor a enabling kind of love that tolerates any behavior of mine. It’s a love that purifies and refines and transforms me into something I can’t begin to imagine but is what God had in mind when He created me.

And He has not forgotten me. Every one of those God loves is constantly on His mind and never absent from His sight. There is never a moment when God is not working His good purposes in me and for me and through me.

Remember tonight that you are more deeply and wonderfully loved than you can fathom or imagine.

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